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Automation &
Digital Transformation

Programming Console

Optimizing Infrastructure with Technology.

Bluewing is strategically aligned with Dearman Systems as a development partner to build innovative automation and digital solutions that optimize our operations and back office administration.

Operational Transparency. Customers have a digital live look into day-to-day operations to track orders from the time they are scheduled through their completion, via interactive status listing interfaces. 

Better decision making. We interface directly with field instrumentation and hardware providing us with real-time, accurate data. Dearman enables us to aggregate and make sense of this data, across all our operations.

Maximizing efficiency - becoming the low cost provider. Automated reporting and report distribution has allowed us to minimize cost, in the field and back office.

Digital Scheduling

Bluewing utilizes Dearman's scheduling platform to offer customers digital, self-service scheduling. The platform allows for customers to schedule orders directly, eliminating the need for emails or coordination with our operations team. Each order is given a unique identification number so orders can be tracked from the time they are scheduled through fulfillment.

Schedule Trucks and Barges

Schedule trucks and nominate barges on your own time - in real-time. Trucks can be scheduled in bulk or individually.

Configure Railcars

Configure and edit your railcar fleet and let the system do the rest. A unique order number will be created each time a car is shipped to us.

Track Orders

Each mode of transport has its own interactive status listing interface. Track and edit orders on the fly, in real-time.


Contactless check-in kiosks at the entrances to our truck staging lot vet drivers and verify the trailer they are transporting has a scheduled order. Once verified, drivers can access the staging lot and trailers are checked-in making the trailer available for dispatch to a loading position. 

Loading positions are uniquely configured so that only trailers with orders that align with a positions' requirements can be dispatched to that position. Each position has a set capacity determining the amount of trucks that can be dispatched to the position at any given time. Once a trailer has checked-in and an eligible loading position has available capacity the driver will receive an automated text message notification with facility access and order information dispatching the trailer for loading. 

Permissives prevent anyone from accessing facilities or loading from positions they have not been dispatched for.


Dearman interfaces with railcar databases as well as value added networks and creates orders for railcars based on their configuration each time billing is created for cars we will receive for services. Each spot on each of our tracks is uniquely configured to receive only cars for certain product(s), customer(s), among other options. Upon a car's arrival to the shortline railroad, pending availability on a corresponding spot, an automated request is sent to the shortline to place the car in a specific spot.


Utilizing railcar status listing along with automated notifications we are able to monitor that cars are placed in the correct spot. Interfaces with field instrumentation and railcar configuration allow us to auto-submit billing upon order fulfillment as well as request release for a car, in real-time. 


An interactive marine status listing allows for review of customer submitted NOAs. Once approved internally, NOAs are submitted to a port's harbor master for approval. Marine status listing allows for notifications and updates to be posted along the way. 


Barge operators on the dock follow a workflow, digitally, from notification of inspectors through fulfillment of an order and release of the barge. A thorough timeline of events is logged with each marine order along with any accompanying documentation. 


Soon, we will be integrating locational data and utilizing geo-fence technology to generate more real-time data for our barge logistics. 

When customers need assistance, they want to know someone is working on a solution. Our digital help-desk provides transparency to customers so they are kept in the loop along the way.

Eliminate email traffic. Customers can submit inquiries in an organized and streamlined fashion rather than wonder if a representative has seen their email.

Track inquiries in real-time. Stay up to date with support inquiries from the time they are submitted until they are resolved.

One interface. Our digital help-desk built into Dearman allows for customers to interact with operations from a single web-interface. 

Digital Help-Desk


Automated Reporting & Report Distribution

Dearman aggregates our data across all of our operations and allows us to configure and save reports on the fly, giving us optimal insight into our operations and enabling us to make decisions that move our business forward. Automated report distribution puts essential information in the hands of those who need it, without delay.

Time-sensitive report distribution. Ability to deliver bills of lading, certificates of analysis and all other documents that are created from real-time events, in real-time, automatically by email or by FTP interface. 

Keeping customers in the loop. Inventory reporting and automatic distribution ensures customers receive consistent and reliable insight into their operations.

Enterprise reporting solution. We utilize user configurable reporting with data aggregated across all of our operations to optimize our decision making and improve operations.

Traffic Management

We handle a large volume of truck, rail, and waterborne vessel traffic each day. Managing traffic efficiently is crucial to the success of our business. Dearman allows us to streamline dispatch for all forms of transportation to appropriate positions based upon configuration.

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