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1.8MM Bbls of storage serving a spectrum of customer needs. 1.8MM Bbls planned expansion. 

Transport Modes


Barge, Rail, and Truck inbound and outbound. 



Wide range of products including bio-fuels, transport fuels and lubes & waxes. 

The Port of Brownsville - Brownsville, TX

Our terminals are located on the Port of Brownsville in Brownsville, TX. The Port's direct access to the Gulf of Mexico makes it a global logistics hub, shipping and receiving vessels around the world. Minutes from the Mexican border, the Port is the closest deep-water port to Mexico and is the gateway to North and Central Mexico.   

Modes of Transportation

We provide our customers with optimal optionality to move product by marine, truck or rail. Each of our transportation modes are offered for both inbound and outbound product movements. 

Marine Ship and receive product from 3 docks accommodating vessels as large as Aframax.

Truck Ability to handle large volumes of trucks, maintaining safe and reliable operations. Flexibility to measure product volumes by meter or weigh-scale.

Rail 70 railcar loading/unloading spots. Project underway to add an incremental 50 railcar spots.


Experienced in handling a diverse range of bulk-liquids. We guarantee quality control and ensure products flow through our terminals safely and efficiently.


Ethanol Storage

We store Bio-Diesel and Ethanol and actively welcome opportunities to store other bio-fuels.  


Base Oil Storage

Bluewing provides the flexibility necessary to store numerous groups of Base Oils and Waxes. 


Jet Fuel Storage

Our tanks are a temporary home for much of Mexico's Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Jet Fuel and Naphtha. 


Markets are extremely dynamic and call for customized solutions - Bluewing can deliver. Our flexible solutions keep position holders competitive in the markets they serve. 


Tailor storage and terminaling services that fit customer needs.  


Move product from truck-to-railcar, railcar-to-truck or customize a configuration.


In-line, in-tank and splash-blending available.


Heat product in insulated tanks accessorized with insulated inbound and outbound lines.


Sustainable Growth

Bluewing is a growth story unlike any other.

In 2016, our bulk-liquids business began with 50,000 Bbls of storage capacity that we have since expanded into over 1.8MM Bbls of storage. Phase III and IV expansion projects will bring our total capacity to 3.6 MM Bbls of bulk-liquids storage.


4 Modes of Transportation

 Optimal optionality. Tanks configured to ship or receive product by truck, railcar, barge, or pipeline. 

1,813,768 BBLS of Capacity

Phase III is over 1.8MM Bbls of bulk-liquids storage capacity. 41 tanks ranging in capacity from 36,000 Bbls to 88,000 Bbls.

50 Railcar Spots

Unmatched rail capabilities. 50 railcar spots with 40 automated loading positions.

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Unmatched location, unmatched optionality. 

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