Midstream Facility Operations

Bluewing Midstream pursues midstream oil and gas asset opportunities on the U.S. Gulf Coast. By acquiring, operating, and optimizing strategically-located facilities, we seek to provide our customers with superior transportation and product handling optionality along the Texas and Louisiana coastal waterways. Optionality allows us to offer a unique combination of versatile, cost-effective services to our customers.  Bluewing is poised to serve a wide variety of energy market participants, including producers, marketers, refiners, petrochemical manufacturers, and more.

Customer Service Solutions

Bluewing Midstream creates value for customers by providing a comprehensive package of competitively-priced midstream solutions:


  • Providing strategic access points for producers & marketers to more efficiently move products downstream to refiners & retail markets


  • Receiving & delivering customer products via multiple outlets, including pipeline, barge, ship, truck, & rail


  • Maximizing customer returns by blending products to most efficiently meet market demands


  • Performing separation, treatment, & water disposal on off-spec liquid products


  • Offering safe, reliable, flexible, & accessible liquids tank storage capacity

Diverse Product Handling

Bluewing is committed to developing versatile midstream facilities capable of serving the diverse needs of the marketplace.  We are proven & proficient at handling an extensive range of liquid petroleum products:

  • Crude Oil

  • Condensate

  • Refined Petroleum Products

  • NGLs

  • Petrochemicals

Safety and Environment

Bluewing Midstream is committed to adhering to the very highest standards of safety and environmental compliance.

Ensuring the safety of our employees and the public is Bluewing’s number one priority. From executive management to field operations personnel, a culture of safety is emphasized at every level of our organization. Bluewing does not leave safety up to chance – we believe in taking proactive, preventative safety measures. With this in mind, we have established rigorous facility inspection and testing programs.

At Bluewing, we believe that energy companies have an inherent responsibility of environmental stewardship. Therefore, from daily operational processes to maintenance work to construction projects, we are committed to protecting the environment. Our staff works diligently to ensure that all phases of our operations go above and beyond environmental compliance standards at the federal, state, and local levels.